Literacies and Language Education: Research and Practice (formerly known  as Working Papers in Language Education and Research) exists as a forum for the publication of all manner of relevant research, or conference reviews, for current members of the English Language Institute at Kanda University of International Studies. The purpose of the journal is to, primarily, highlight and showcase current research/practice being carried out in this institution. Additionally, the journal provides a system for archiving research presented by colleagues for an international audience.

Update: After a three-year hiatus, we are happy to announce the relaunch and renaming of this ELI-based journal.  This renewal marks the end of one journey, but the start of another which we hope to be long and fruitful.

For more information on the history of the paper and the decision behind its renaming, please see the Foreword to the 2018 issue. The most current edition of the journal is the 2019 issue.


Published by Kanda University of International Studies (Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan)