2020 Special Section: Teaching during a pandemic

We wanted this special section to be available before the fall term began in schools so it has been made available electronically in August 2020. However, this special section will also be included in the 2020 regular issue published both in print and electronically in Autumn 2020.

Introduction to the Special Section: Teaching During a Pandemic Sam Morris, Jennie Roloff Rothman, James Owens Pages 1-6 [PDF]

Section A: Descriptive Papers

1. Teaching During a Pandemic: Designing Asynchronous Online Materials Andrew Gill Pages 7-10 [PDF]

2. Adapting Presentations to an Online Setting for Academic and Social Purposes John Alexander Pages 11-14 [PDF]

3. Media Presentations: Adapted for Emergency Remote Teaching Amanda Yoshida Pages 15-17 [PDF]

4. Using Collaborative Google Docs for Joint Construction in Genre Process Writing Matthew Miner Pages 18-20 [PDF]

5. Reading Circles for the Online Classroom Michelle Lees Pages 21-28 [PDF]

6. Using Literature Circles for Intensive Reading Assessment in an Emergency Remote Teaching Context Claire Bower Pages 29-32 [PDF]

7. Collective Deliberate Choice in Online Course Creation Kevin Garvey Pages 33-36 [PDF]

8. Building Community with a Discussion-Based Activity Crystal Rose-Wainstock Pages 37-40 [PDF]

9. Using Backchanneling to Supplement Real-Time Lessons During Emergency Online Learning Euan Bonner Pages 41-44 [PDF]

10. Encouraging Participation in an Online EFL Class Matthew Hollinshead Pages 45-48 [PDF]

11. Group Leaders for Effective Breakout Room Sessions Heather Yoder Pages 49-51 [PDF]

Section B: Reflective Papers

12. The Temptations and Limits of the Online Classroom Kevin Garvey Pages 52-55 [PDF]

13. The Challenges of Starting a New Job in a Pandemic Tina Brown Pages 56-58 [PDF]

14. Collaboration as a Survival Strategy for New Teachers Christine Pemberton and Tina Brown Pages 59-62 [PDF]

15. Zooming Out from the Teacher-Centred Classroom Mark Beattie Pages 63-65 [PDF]

16. Teaching Writing Online: The Way Things Really Are Michael Burke Pages 66-68 [PDF]

17. Navigating Successful Online Pedagogy: Reflections on the Importance of Basic Technology Use Martin Mielick Pages 69-71 [PDF]

18. A Reflection on Forming Student-Teacher Trust in an Online Classroom Ashton Elise Dawes Pages 72-75 [PDF]

19. Finding Balance in the Preparation and Delivery on Online Teaching Eric Lynch Pages 76-78 [PDF]

20. Reflections on Going Online Together: Educator Planning, Support, and Sharing Kate de Veas, Sharon Sakuda, Sam Godin, and Jennie Roloff Rothman Pages 79-81 [PDF]

21. The Benefits of Paper Journal Writing for Students in Online Classes Matthew Miner Pages 82-85 [PDF]

22. Online Education During a Pandemic: Teaching and Learning in Home Spaces Daniel Sykes Pages 86-88 [PDF]