Table of Contents, Autumn 2021

Autumn 2021

Foreword, Jennie Roloff Rothman & James Owens
Pages 1-2 [PDF]

Smashing Watermelons in the Summer: Where I’m From Poem Video Project in a Japanese University Context, John Alexander
Pages 3-19 [PDF]

Developing Intercultural Awareness and Celebrating Linguistic Diversity in EFL, Claire Bower
Pages 20-28 [PDF]

Embracing the Challenge: Activities for Developing Participation in the EFL Classroom, Matthew Hollinshead
Pages 29-43 [PDF]

Introverted and Extroverted Students’ Perceptions of Emergency Remote Learning, Christine Pemberton
Pages 44-56 [PDF]

Proposed Unified Vocabulary-Building Component for Existing Curriculum, Kathryn Yamagishi
Pages 57-77 [PDF]

Action Research: Development of Leadership Skills in Group Work, Amanda Yoshida
Pages 78-91 [PDF]