Any current ELI member can submit a manuscript for the Literacies and Language Education: Research and Practice journal. In particular, we welcome submissions in the following categories:

  • Action research relevant to the ELI/KUIS context
  • Teaching practices for people who want to share something that they’re doing in their classroom that is relevant to the curriculum
  • Anything else related to research taking place in the KUIS/ELI context

Submission deadline: Such papers should be submitted by May 30, 2022 for inclusion in the next issue.

Publishing date: This issue will be published by the following Autumn.

All papers should adhere to APA (6th edition) style formatting (except where we outline differences) and consist of between 2000 and 5000 words. For more information, please see the ‘Formatting’ tab.

Review Process

As the first step in the publication decision-making process, all submitted manuscripts will be internally peer reviewed  and placed into one of two categories:

  1. Acceptable for publication as a short academic paper with little or no required revision. Acceptance will be criterion-based. Authors retain copyright over their work and are free to re-publish the paper elsewhere.
  2. Unacceptable for publication as a short academic paper without substantial revision. Such papers will be returned to the authors with comments and suggestions for meeting the required criteria. Authors will be encouraged to re-submit their revised papers for reconsideration. The aim of the editing team is to review submissions until they are of acceptable academic quality.

Those judged to be of insufficient quality to meet the acceptance criteria prescribed for the general review process will be returned to the authors with comments and suggestions for revision and will not be published until the text is revised to acceptable academic standards.

Criteria for Full Publication

  1.  The manuscript meets the formatting (see tab) and length (1800 – 4000 words) requirements for submission to the Literacies and Language Education: Research and Practice journal.
  2. The manuscript details practice and/or research in areas of work relevant to language education at Kanda University of International Studies.
  3. For longer papers, the research design and/or teaching description detailed in the manuscript are appropriate and successfully implemented to meet the explicit or implied aims of the author(s).
  4.  The manuscript is written in English to a standard, in terms of style and organization, generally acceptable for an international academic audience.

Copyright and Plagiarism

While Literacies and Language Education: Research and Practice allows its published manuscripts to be submitted elsewhere, some journals prohibit publication of texts published elsewhere. Regardless of our journal policy, it is recommended that authors check the rules of the journal where they intend to submit. Therefore, when seeking to publish a Literacies and Language Education: Research and Practice article in another forum, to avoid any suspicion of plagiarism, authors are advised to substantially and meaningfully develop the paper for the next publication, and then cite the original Literacies and Language Education: Research and Practice article in the new work.

Please send submissions and questions regarding submissions to: