Autumn 2018

Foreword Page 1 [PDF] James Owens & Jennie Roloff Rothman

Dictionaries: A Blessing or a Curse? Addressing Classroom-Level Questions on Vocabulary Retention with SLA Research, Daniel Hooper                                Pages 2-9 [PDF] Dan_Hooper_2018_Autumn

Creating, Analyzing, and Using a Small Learner Corpus, Charlotte Lin           Pages 10-22 [PDF] Charlotte_Lin_2018_Autumn

Using Drama to Improve Discourse in the Classroom, Phoebe Lyon                 Pages 23-28 [PDF] Phoebe_Lyon_2018_Autumn

Using Board Games as a Medium for Communicative Language Teaching, Rachel Manley                                                                                                          Pages 29-44 [PDF] Rachel_Manley_2018_Autumn

Evaluating the Success of a Course Based on a Multiliteracies-Led Pedagogy, James Owens                                                                                                            Pages 45-56 [PDF] James_Owens_2018_Autumn

The Keyword Method in a Digital Classroom, Scott Sustenance                            Pages 57-63 [PDF] Scott_Sustenance_2018_Autumn