Volume 4 (1) January 2021

January, 2021.

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Editorial by  Phill Bennett & Isra Wongsarnpigoon [FULL TEXT]


  • Pursuing PERMA in a Pandemic: Reflections on a Socially-Distanced Advising Session by Jason R. Walters [FULL TEXT]
  • Going Deeper: Broadening the Perspectives of an Advisee Through Metaphor and a Learning Advising Tool by Philip Cardiff [FULL TEXT]
  • Extracts from an advising session: How viewpoint switching can help broaden learner perspectives and provide positive feedback by Thomas Ashton [FULL TEXT]


  • A Reflection on the Two-year Progress of Peer Advisor-led Events for Promoting Collaboration among Students by Yusei Takahashi & Rio Fukumura [FULL TEXT]
  • Who am I?: Identity Transformation Through Distance Learning by Ena Hollinshead [FULL TEXT]


  • Harnessing the Potential of Technology to Support Self-Directed Language Learning in Online Learning Settings––Online Symposium Review by Hatice Celebi [FULL TEXT]