Volume 2 (1) January 2019

January, 2019.

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Editorial by Sin Wang Chong and Hülya Şen [FULL TEXT]

Featured Articles

  • The Effects of Music in the Foreign Language Learning Classroom by Phillip A. Bennett [FULL TEXT]
  • A Sociocultural Approach to Learner Autonomy in the Language Classroom by Tetsushi Ohara [FULL TEXT]
  • Common Factors of Motivated Individuals by Joshua McMillen [FULL TEXT]

Reflective Practice

  • Introduction to the Column by Kie Yamamoto [FULL TEXT]
  • Reflection Through Dialogue: Conducting a Mentoring Session with a Juku Colleague Using the ‘Wheel of Reflection’ Tool by Ewen MacDonald [FULL TEXT]
  • Behind the Scenes of an Advising Session: Weaving Together Learning Advisors’ Voices by Kie Yamamoto [FULL TEXT]
  • Advisor as an Empowerer by Curtis Edlin and Amelia Yarwood [FULL TEXT]
  • Advisor as a Significant Other by Yuri Imamura and Scott Shelton-Strong [FULL TEXT]
  • Shifting Roles in Continuous Advising Sessions by Huw Davies, Robert Stevenson and Isra Wongsarnpigoon [FULL TEXT]

curriculum-based approaches

  • Introduction to the Column by Neil Curry and Jo Mynard [FULL TEXT]
  • A New Direction: Developing a Curriculum for Self-Directed Learning Skills by Neil Curry [FULL TEXT]
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Time Management Training in EFL Classes: Phase 1 of a Mixed Methods Study by Christopher Arnott, Neil Curry, Phoebe Lyon and Jo Mynard  [FULL TEXT]

case Studies

  • Introduction to the Column by Jason Brown and Huw Davies [FULL TEXT]
  • A Case Study of Two Japanese English Learners: Their Motivation and Concept of English by Azusa Yamamoto [FULL TEXT]
  • A Case Study of Learner Identity and Motivation in a Social Learning Space by Daniel Hooper [FULL TEXT]
  • The Impact of Students’ Beliefs about English Language Learning on Out-of-Class Learning by Naoya Shibata [FULL TEXT]
  • Understanding the Language Learning Approaches of EFL Students in an Intensive English Course by Brien Datzman [FULL TEXT]
  • An Ethnographic Approach to Exploring Personality, Language Learning Strategies, and Second Language Acquisition by Yukiko Oki [FULL TEXT]
  • An Exploratory Case Study of English Speaking Anxiety Faced by Successful and Less Successful Japanese Learners by Hung Nguyen-Xuan [FULL TEXT]


  • Reflecting on Different Types of Successful Recasts and Uptake for a Motivated Adult Learner by Kyoko Gruendel [FULL TEXT]
  • What Learning Advisors Bring to Speaking Practice Centers by Andrew D. Tweed [FULL TEXT]
  • Abstract Painting with Non-Sequiturs: A Transcription of a Conversation in English by Japanese Speakers by Joshua McMillen [FULL TEXT]
  • Is Speaking Pidgin Detrimental in the Classroom? Bridging SLA and Creoles by James Wang [FULL TEXT]


  • Learner Autonomy Search Engine & Repository by Sin Wang Chong, Jo Mynard and Hayo Reinders [FULL TEXT]

research in progress

  • Autonomy and Interdependence in a Self-Directed Learning Course by Paul J. Moore, Jo Mynard, Isra Wongsarnpigoon and Kie Yamamoto [FULL TEXT]
  • Machine Translation for EFL by Paul J. Moore, Phil Murphy, Luann Pascucci and Scott Sustenance [FULL TEXT]
  • Exploring Basic Psychological Needs in a Language Learning Center. Part 2: The Autonomy-Supportive Nature and Limitations of a SALC by Amelia Yarwood, Andria Lorentzen, Alecia Wallingford and Isra Wongsarnpigoon [FULL TEXT]