Volume 1 (1) January 2018

January, 2018.

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Editorial by Jo Mynard, Satoko Kato and Hayo Reinders [FULL TEXT]

Featured Column: Evaluating Learner Autonomy

  • Re-exploring the Relationship Between Autonomy and Assessment in Language Learning: A Literature Overview by Carol J. Everhard [FULL TEXT]
  • Fostering the Development of Language Learner Autonomy Through Peer and Self-Assessment by Scott J. Shelton-Strong [FULL TEXT]
  • A Dynamic Model for Autonomy: Self-Assessment as Reflection by Maria Giovanna Tassinari [FULL TEXT]

Reflective Practice

  • Reflective Practice in Advising: Introduction to the Column by Jo Mynard, Satoko Kato and Kie Yamamoto [FULL TEXT]
  • In-Between the Process and Outcome in Advising in Language Learning: Reflecting on my Very First Advising Session by Gamze Güven Yalçın [FULL TEXT]
  • Reflecting on My First Solo Advising Session as a Learning Advisor Trainee by Stephanie Howard [FULL TEXT]
  • “Metamorphosis”: In the Advising Sense by Hatice Karaaslan [FULL TEXT]
  • “Still Sounds Quite a Lot to Me, But Try it And See”. Reflecting on my Non-Directive Advising Stance by Jo Mynard [FULL TEXT]
  • The Journey of ‘Becoming’ a Learning Advisor: A Reflection on my First-Year Experience by Kie Yamamoto [FULL TEXT]
  • Learning Advisor Transformation: A Collaborative and Reflective Collage by Mümin Şen, Hatice Karaaslan, Müge Akgedik-Can, Tarık Uzun, Gamze Güven-Yalçın, Gökçe Arslan, Ebru Sinar Okutucu, and Stephanie Lea Howard, and Abdulkadir Güllü [FULL TEXT]

Perspectives and Summaries

Theoretical and Reflective Papers

  • Affective Factors in Learner Autonomy by Phillip A. Bennett [FULL TEXT]
  • A Nested MOOC Elective Course: MOOCs for Learner Development, and Learner Development for MOOCs by Curtis Edlin [FULL TEXT]
  • The Interrelationships Between Learner Autonomy and Teacher Autonomy by Kyoko Gruendel [FULL TEXT]
  • The Effect of Career Planning Tools in Developing Learning Autonomy by Charlotte Lin [FULL TEXT]
  • Reflecting on Approaches for Developing Learner Autonomy in a Juku and Eikaiwa Setting by Ewen MacDonald [FULL TEXT]
  • Where Are My Classmates? Social Interaction Online by Caron L. Treon [FULL TEXT]

Applications to Practice

  • Learner Autonomy Transforming a Self-Reflection Task by Lorna S. Asami [FULL TEXT]
  • Resource Coordination in the Self-Access Learning Center at Kanda University of International Studies for the 2017-2018 Academic Year: Activity, Concept, and Expanding Definitions by Curtis Edlin and Yuri Imamura [FULL TEXT]
  • Adopting and Adapting to New Language Policies in a Self-Access Centre in Japan by Yuri Imamura [FULL TEXT]

Research Projects

  • Observing a Social Learning Space: A Summary of an Ethnographic Project in Progress by Michael Burke, Daniel Hooper, Bethan Kushida, Phoebe Lyon, Jo Mynard, Ross Sampson, Phillip Taw [FULL TEXT]
  • Student Perceptions of the English Lounge after a Layout Change by Allen Chen and Jo Mynard [FULL TEXT]
  • Categorizing findings on Language Tutor Autonomy (LTA) From Interviews by Tomoya Shirakawa [FULL TEXT]

Innovative Practice

  • Creating an Augmented Reality App for an Enhanced Self-Access Tour by Euan Bonner and Erin Frazier [FULL TEXT]