Volume 3 (1) January 2020

January, 2020.

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Editorial by Isra Wongsarnpigoon, Phill Bennett, and Curtis Edlin [FULL TEXT]


  • Blooming Autonomy: Reflections on the Use of Bloom’s Taxonomy in a TESOL Graduate Course by Gordon Myskow, Sina Takada and Kazune Aida [FULL TEXT]
  • Integrating the Four-Dimensional Education Framework Into an EFL Course Curriculum by Adrianne Verla Uchida [FULL TEXT]


  • Language Advising in a Research-Intensive, Multi-Disciplinary Learning Context: Critical Reflection on the Use of Advising Strategies by Albert Wong [FULL TEXT]
  • Advising Lessons Learned From Learner Reflections by Hatice Karaaslan [FULL TEXT]
  • Reflection on Learner-Led Study Abroad Events in a SAC from Three Perspectives: A Learner, an Administrative Staff Member, and an Advisor by Mizuki Shibata, Chihiro Hayashi and Yuri Imamura [FULL TEXT]


  • The Effects of Teaching Reflection Diaries on In-Service High School Teachers in Japan by Naoya Shibata [FULL TEXT]


  • Reflection of the Editorial Process of an Academic Journal by Phillip Bennett, Maria Giovanna Tassinari, Ena Hollinshead and Fergal Bradley [FULL TEXT]
  • The EcoEducational-BioPsychoSocial Model in Everyday Education: A Suggestion for Researching Holistic Well-Being as a Contribution to Healthier Learner Autonomy by Tim Murphey and Curtis Edlin [FULL TEXT]


  • Non-English-Major Students’ Perceptions of Learner Autonomy and Factors Influencing Learner Autonomy in Vietnam  by Son Van Nguyen and Anita Habók  [FULL TEXT]
  • A Pilot Case Study of a Student Learning Community by Daniel Hooper [FULL TEXT]