Volume 1 (2) September 2018

September, 2018.

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Editorial by Jo Mynard [FULL TEXT]

FEATURED COLUMN: Affect and learner autonomy

  • Dealing with Anxiety for Promoting Learner Autonomy by Takuto Marutani [FULL TEXT]
  • Reflective Learning Logs in the Junior High School Classroom by Hirofumi Naruse [FULL TEXT]
  • Affective Factors in Self-Access Learning by Scott J. Shelton-Strong and Jo Mynard [FULL TEXT]


  • Reflective Practice in Advising: Introduction to the Column by Kie Yamamoto [FULL TEXT]
  • Reflecting on Successful Elements of a Mentoring Session by Gamze Güven Yalçın [FULL TEXT]
  • How to Broaden Perspectives Through Intentional Reflective Dialogue by Hülya Şen [FULL TEXT]
  • Finding the Positive: Reflective Observation of an Advising Session by Isra Wongsarnpigoon [FULL TEXT]


  • Testing the Waters: Gauging the Viability of Self-Directed Language Learning in an Eikaiwa School by Daniel Hooper [FULL TEXT]
  • Motivational Effects of Study Group by Sina Takada [FULL TEXT]
  • Assessing the Potential Role of Technology in Promoting Self-Directed Language Learning: A Collaborative Project Between Japan and Sweden by Olga Viberg, Jarmo Laaksolahti, Jo Mynard and Anna Mavroudi [FULL TEXT]

from theory to practice

  • Fostering Collaborative Autonomy: The Roles of Cooperative and Collaborative Learning by Gordon Myskow, Phillip A. Bennett, Hisako Yoshimura, Kyoko Gruendel, Takuto Marutani, Kaori Hano, and  Teresa Li [FULL TEXT]

research in progress

  • Exploring Basic Psychological Needs in a Language Learning Center. Part 1: Conducting Student Interviews by Emma Asta and Jo Mynard [FULL TEXT]
  • User Perceptions of an App for Managing Self-Directed Language Learning by Jo Mynard and Kie Yamamoto  [FULL TEXT]


  • Augmented Reality and Crowdsourced Feedback to Help Learners Navigate Self-Access Materials by Curtis Edlin and Euan Bonner [FULL TEXT]


  • Review of Mercer, Sarah and Kostoulas, Achilleas (Eds.)  (2018). Language Teacher Psychology by Marilyn Lewis [FULL TEXT]