Research, professional education, and practice in autonomy

The Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education (RILAE) was established at Kanda University of International Studies in Japan in 2017 and is  a resource for teachers and researchers around the world interested in learner and teacher autonomy. The aim of RILAE is to promote research, professional development, and best practice in developing lifelong and lifewide autonomous learning. We do this through:

  • an active community of practitioners and researchers [read about our research projects]
  • free online sessions for professional development and sharing best practice in research and practice of autonomy [read about the LAb sessions]
  • an open-access journal, called Relay Journal, open to all practitioners and researchers to share projects, innovative practice, research findings, etc [share your work here]
  • short courses in the area of advising and autonomy [learn more here]
  • a repository of research instruments for autonomy-related studies [learn more here]
  • a corpus of data for autonomy-related studies [coming soon]​

We welcome involvement from

  • practicing teachers or other professionals who want to share and deepen their knowledge of advising and facilitating learner autonomy
  • researchers who would like to spend time working on one of our existing projects, or proposing another (related to language learner autonomy)
  • students and researchers considering further academic study in a supportive environment