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Thursday 15 October, 2020 

Session 1

9.30am London / 10.30am Stockholm / 5.30pm Tokyo
Welcome / announcements by Olga Viberg (KTH) and Jo Mynard (KUIS)
Summary of the collaboration between KTH Sweden and KUIS Japan

10am London / 11am Stockholm / 6pm Tokyo

Regine Hampel (Keynote): Disruptive Technologies and Language Learner Identity in the Digital Age [Video recording] [Slides]

11am London / 12pm Stockholm / 7pm Tokyo

Vera Leier & Alice Gruber: New Zealand-Sweden-Germany: A Joint Venture Exploring Language Learning in Digital Spaces [Video recording] [Slides]
Ward Peeters: Transferring Self-Regulated Language Learning Skills Online: Awareness Raising Approaches for Computer-Supported Collaboration [Video recording] [Slides]
Hatice Karaaslan & Gamze Güven-Yalçın: Facilitating IRD Using Online Environments and Motivational Resources: Synchronous and Asynchronous Options [Video recording] [Slides]

Session 2

Welcome back / announcements by Olga Viberg and Charlotte Lin

2pm London / 3pm Stockholm / 10pm Tokyo / 7am Edmonton

Carrie Demmans Epp (Keynote): Using Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to Support Language Learner Decision Making [Recording] [Slides]

3pm London / 4pm Stockholm / 11pm Tokyo / 8am Edmonton

Available Throughout the Symposium

Interactive digital posters 

Jo Mynard, Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa Razafindratsimba, & Kie Yamamoto: Promoting Self-Directed Language Learning: Transitioning From Paper-Based Materials to Online Learning Apps  [Access the poster here]
Gareth Barnes: Creating Socratic Learning Ecologies Online  [Access the poster here]
Metin Esen: Enhancing Goal Setting Skills through Technology: A Case Study in Self-Directed Language Learning  [Access the poster here]