Current research projects

Long and Siemens (2011) describe big data and analytics as “the most dramatic factor shaping the future of higher education” (p. 31), but as far as we know, this has not yet been used to evaluate or predict self-access learning. Looking at large data samples could help us to identify predictors of success in autonomous language learning. In addition, such data could aid early identification of potential learning problems, and establish ways of offering targeted and personalised support. This is a new area of interest for us and we are in the process of collaborating with other researchers to propose a research project which considers all elements of students’ lives in order to notice patterns that indicate success in language learning. If you have expertise in the area of analytics and may be interested in participating in this kind of research, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Long, P., & Siemens, G. (2011). Penetrating the fog: Analytics in learning and education. Educause Review, September / October, 31-40. Retrieved from