Learner Autonomy Search Engine & Repository (LASER)

Project Coordinator: Sin Wang Chong
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Project video introduction

The Learner Autonomy Search Engine & Repository (LASER) project aims to collect and disseminate research tools/instruments and raw data of language learner autonomy research in an accessible manner to pre-service and in-service language teachers and researchers. Specifically, the scope of this project encompasses two aspects: open data and open instruments:

  1. Open data: LASER aims to create a corpus of research data. For example, a researcher collects interview data, transcribes it and makes this available to other researchers to carry out their own analysis and to promote transparency in research e.g. allowing others to conduct replication research.
  2. Open instruments: A preliminary list of instruments used to investigate learner autonomy and related constructs has been compiled by RILAE. This list would be expanded in this project in two ways: (1) by finding more such instruments, and (2) by allowing other resources to be added, e.g. questionnaires and interview questions used by other researchers (not just the large-scale, mostly psychometric tools widely available, but also the smaller-scale localized instruments designed for more specific purposes).

If you have conducted/are currently conducting primary studies on language learner autonomy and would like to contribute to LASER, please complete this Google form to submit your materials online:

In addition to submitting your research tools/instruments and raw data, you are kindly asked to submit short description to accompany your research materials on the Google Form. The purpose of a description is to introduce your research tools/instruments and explain how they were used to analyze the raw data so that other users of your tools/instruments/data can make better use of them. The format of the data article is as follows:

Description structure

  • Title, authors and author affiliation
  • Abstract (100 words)
  • Specifications table listing the research methods, instruments, and/or data
  • Explanation of the importance of the methods, instruments, and/or data of other researchers
  • References

Should you have any questions about the LASER project, you can contact the project team at You may submit materials at any time.