Becoming an Autonomous Teacher Leader

Graduate-level certificate course: 45 hours*

In this course you will learn to become a leader, someone who can envision, develop and implement change necessary to benefit her community. Someone who has the the skills and the foresight to know what needs to be done and the courage to do it.

Education in the 21st century requires teachers to

  • be innovative
  • adapt to constantly-changing circumstances
  • know how to ‘lead from behind’
  • inspire colleagues, learners and management

In six weeks** you will join a community of dedicated, enthusiastic people who, like yourself, want to make a real difference. Through a mixture of live, online classes, group work, self-study and ongoing feedback from educational leaders, you will develop the personal, emotional, ecological and spiritual strength necessary to become a true leader in your school. 

*a shorter version of this course is being offered online on February-March 2021 as part of the Certificate Course in Advising more details…

**an intensive version of this course can be delivered on-site in as little as one week