Relay Journal (ISSN 2433-5444)
Relay Journal is an open-access journal dedicated to disseminating research and best practice in the broad areas of learner and teacher autonomy. Its first issue was  published in January 2018. It is firmly developmental in its aims, catering not just to established researchers but also to language practitioners in all contexts, reporting exploratory practice, action research, evaluations and development work, in a wide variety of formats, including research articles, reports on ongoing projects, opinion pieces designed to encourage active debate, graduate students’ work, interviews with people active in the field, and so on. You can visit the journal website here.

coverpageJune2020 smallSiSAL Journal (ISSN 2185-3762)
Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal (SiSAL Journal)  was established in 2010 and is an open access, peer-reviewed, quarterly publication related to self-access language learning.  The articles reflect the ongoing contributions to the field and are aimed at international researchers and practitioners.  The scope of the journal incorporates self-access learning and skills support centres which aim to promote learner autonomy.
You can visit the journal website here.