Schedule and recordings

  • Opening words of welcome
  • Short speeches by representatives of Kanda University
    • President Takahisa Miyauchi [LINK]
    • Professor Yasushi Sekiya, Director, MA TESOL program [LINK]
  • About the Advisor Education Program [LINK]
    • Jo Mynard
    • Curtis Edlin
    • Satoko Kato
    • Hayo Reinders
  • Featured speaker: Walkyria Magno e Silva, Federal University of Pará, Brazil [LINK]
  • Presentation of awards [LINK]
  • Speeches by our graduates: Tim Murphey and Ebru Sinar Okutucu [LINK]
  • Featured speaker: Micòl Beseghi, University of Parma, Italy [LINK]
  • Featured Speaker: Fergal Bradley, University of Helsinki Language Centre, Finland [LINK]
  • Closing words
  • ‘After party’

Event information