Professional education

1. Learning Advisor Education (LAE) Program: Becoming a Professional in Promoting Autonomy through Reflective Dialogue
The Learning Advisor Education (LAE) program enables you to become a professional advisor and a skilled practitioner in conducting reflective dialogue with learners to promote autonomy.  The LAE program includes five courses (Getting Started, Going Deeper, Becoming Aware, Transformation, and Becoming an Autonomous Teacher Leader) by providing initial and continuing education for those who wish to become professional advisors. On completion of each course in the LAE program, you will receive a Certificate from RILAE, Kanda University of International Studies.

2. Becoming an Autonomous Teacher-Leader
In this course you will learn to become a leader, someone who can envision, develop and implement change necessary to benefit her community. Someone who has the skills and the foresight to know what needs to be done and the courage to do it.

You will develop skills for education in the 21st century that require teachers to

  • be innovative
  • adapt to constantly-changing circumstances
  • know how to ‘lead from behind’
  • inspire colleagues, learners and management

You will develop the personal, emotional, ecological and spiritual strength necessary to become a true leader in your institution. You will join a community of dedicated, enthusiastic educators who, like yourself, want to make a real difference. This is an ideal follow up to the LAE program as it is will help educators to implement learner autonomy and advising in their institutions.
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3. MA TESOL (specialising in autonomy)
KUIS offers an MA in TESOL. As part of this you can take modules on autonomy, advising, and also do a thesis project in the area. More information here.

4. LAb sessions
These are free, online sessions for practitioners and researchers interested in all aspects of autonomy. We invite everyone to join and share best practice, research projects and ideas in one of the upcoming sessions. Read more here.