Volume 3 (2) September 2020

September, 2020.

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Editorial by  Phill Bennett, Jason Brown and Huw Davies [FULL TEXT]


  • The Effects of an Incentive Programme on SALC Service Engagement and Long-Term Intrinsic Motivation by Katherine Thornton [FULL TEXT]
  • Exploiting Motivational Processes to Promote Advisee Engagement and Ownership in Written Advising by Hatice Karaaslan and Gamze Güven-Yalçın [FULL TEXT]


  • Facing the Challenges of Distance Learning: Voices From the Classroom by Christian Ludwig, Maria Giovanna Tassinari, Sarah Mercer, Micòl Beseghi, Michelle Tamala, Katja Heim and Gamze A. Sayram [FULL TEXT]


  • Encouraging Learners Interactions in an Emergency Remote Environment by Mizuka Tsukamoto [FULL TEXT]
  • How to Coexist With Technology in Online Educational Contexts: A Student Perspective by Keita Kuramitsu [FULL TEXT]
  • Using an Advising Tool to Help Students Go Beyond “Just Learning” by Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa [FULL TEXT]


  • Reflective Practice Column Introduction September 2020 by Fergal Bradley and Kie Yamamoto [FULL TEXT]
  • Simple Questions and Positivity: Analysis and Reflection by Bryan Buschner [FULL TEXT]
  • Knowing (them) is Half the Battle: Binding Learning and Life Through Linking and Metaphor in Language Advising by Daniel Hooper [FULL TEXT]
  • Trying on a New Hat: From Teacher to Advisor by Ross Sampson [FULL TEXT]

research paper

  • Social Structure, Agency and Second Language Learning by Magdalena Avila Pardo [FULL TEXT]