Language Strategy Use Inventory


  • To help students gain awareness of new strategies they can use in language learning
  • To have students identify others who have tried similar and different strategies
  • To enhance language learning (if any part of this activity is done in the target language)


Short description: The purpose of this inventory is to find out more about yourself as a language learner and to help you discover strategies that can help you master a new language.

Sample questions: 

Instructions: Check the box that describes your use of each listed strategy. The categories are: I use this strategy and like it; I have tried this strategy and would use it again; I’ve never used this strategy but am interested in it; and This strategy doesn’t fit for me. Please note that “target” language refers to the new language you are learning.

Sample questions:

  • Attend out-of-class events where the new language is spoken (from listening strategy use)
  • Pay attention to the structure of the new word (from vocabulary strategy use)
  • Practice saying new expressions to myself (from speaking strategy use)
  • Read as much as possible in the target language (from reading strategy use)
  • Practice writing the alphabet and/or new words in the target language (from writing strategy use)
  • Plan out what to say or write in my own language and then translate it into the target language (from translation strategy use)

Paid or free: Free

Reliability/validity measures: Not available


  • Individual
  • Educational/instructional


  • Students
  • Any individual interested in learning a new  language or improving their native language

Type of measurement: Questionnaire

Possible uses:

  • Beginning of a course
  • Icebreaker activity

Ease of implementation: Easy. Est. 30 minutes to complete survey; 20-45 minutes for discussion (optional)


  • Provides in-depth information
  • Easy to administer and take
  • PDF provides comments about the inventory, including limitations and implications


  • Lengthy
  • Self-report

Studies this has been used in:


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