Learning Style Survey


  • To raise students’ awareness of their own learning style preferences
  • To encourage students to expand their learning style repertoire
  • To help students get to know each other and foster respect for and awareness of diversity in learning styles

Source: http://carla.umn.edu/maxsa/documents/LearningStyleSurvey_MAXSA_IG.pdf

Short description: The Learning Style Survey1 is designed to assess your general approach to learning. It does not predict your behavior in every instance, but it is a clear indication of your overall style preferences.

Sample questions:

Instructions: For each item, circle the response (0-4, 0=never, 1=rarely, 2=sometimes, 3=often, 4=always) that represents your approach. Complete all items. There are 11 major activities representing 12 different aspects of your learning style. When you read the statements, try to think about what you usually do when learning. It typically takes about 30 minutes to complete the survey. Do not spend too much time on any item—indicate your immediate feeling and move on to the next item.

Sample questions:

  • I remember something better if I write it down.
  • I prefer to start doing things rather than checking the directions first.
  • I have a creative imagination.
  • I prefer short and simple answers rather than long explanations.

Paid or free: Free

Reliability/validity measures: Not available


  • Independent
  • Instructional


  • Any individual
  • Students

Type of measurement: Questionnaire

Possible uses:

  • Personal growth
  • Assessment at the beginning of an academic year
  • Instructional/educational settings
  • Icebreaker activity
  • Language learning

Ease of implementation: Easy, est. 30 minutes to complete, 30-45 minutes for discussion (optional)


  • Categories allow participants to gain specific insights


  • Self-report
  • Lengthy

Studies this has been used in:


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