EF Set, Standard English Test

Purpose: A quick measure of language proficiency


Short description: A free proficiency listening / reading proficiency test created by Education First. There is a short (15 minute) free test and longer (50 minute and 120 minute) paid tests. The results are aligned with CEFR.

Sample questions: 


The online test has two sections – one listening and one reading. You will have up to 7 minutes and 30 seconds to complete each section.

Sample questions:


The frog was __ from stone to stone.



What is the best response to Speaker 1?

Yes please, one sugar.
No thanks, I’ve eaten.
I didn’t make one yet.
I would like breakfast.

Paid or free: Free (but a paid version gives more options)

Reliability/validity measures: 

Commissioned report states that “EFSET PLUS scores are highly reliable across the entire score scale”. https://www.efset.org/research/


  • Tutoring center
  • Self-access learning center
  • Self-administration


  • Researcher
  • Learner
  • Learning advisor
  • Teacher

Type of measurement: Online test

Possible uses: 

  • Self-evaluation
  • Pre- and post- test evaluation of an intervention

Ease of implementation: Easy. 52 items, est. 50 min.


  • Easy to answer, administer, and score
  • Free
  • Minimal time commitment
  • Adaptive
  • Can be run multiple time (there is a bank of questions)
  • It generates a CEFR score and certificate


  • Raw data is not accessible
  • Only tests reading and listening

Studies this has been used in:

Used by Harvard Graduate School of Education for research

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